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About us

Corseat It is an innovative and pioneering platform in the field of providing training and learning solutions, as we seek to facilitate and improve the process of selecting appropriate training courses for trainees. We believe that knowledge and continuous development are the keys to success in a world full of challenges and opportunities. In our journey, we have developed a unique platform that brings together distinguished and qualified trainers and certified training companies in one place. We aim to facilitate and provide ways for trainees to benefit from the experience and knowledge of these distinguished trainers and to register in training courses appropriate to their needs .


Our Services

We offer training companies the opportunity to register on our platform, where they can display and promote their courses to a wide audience of potential trainees. We care about ensuring that the courses provided by training companies meet the standards of quality and excellence, and thus we ensure the provision of a high-quality training experience for the trainees. In addition, we offer outstanding trainers the opportunity to join our platform and register their unique experience and skills. Trainers can create their profiles and view their specialties and areas they can teach. This helps trainees or organizations choose the right trainer that suits their training needs and requirements. Our mission is to provide an interactive and innovative environment that brings together trainees, training companies and trainers. We believe in the importance of building strong and sustainable partnerships with all parties concerned, with the aim of promoting growth and professional development for all, as our goal is to provide the best training experience for trainees and the maximum benefit for training companies from trainees at the highest possible cost and at the lowest cost. If you are a trainee, trainer, or represent a training company, to benefit from our services and join our thriving community to achieve your goals and develop your skills in the world of training .

Our Goal

To be a good example to be followed in the most advanced companies and administrative institutions by providing innovative programs and advanced content to build effective models for applying best practices and leaving an effective impact for growth to bridge the increasing demand gap for training courses by companies

Our vision

We aim to be the number one search engine and leading platform in bringing together trainers, trainees, and training providers in one place to offer a unique and exceptional training experience.

Our message

We provide solutions for all company employees to offer all services in one place, to facilitate all training needs, to focus on training and provide all training requirements to enhance the benefit and training value.

Our Value

Sustainability - Engagement - Innovation - Commitment - Growth - Credibility

Trainees are our most important priorities

Training companies are success partners

Trainers are the strength and quality of training