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Posted on 16th March 2024




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Instructor Mr.Mohamed Dieb

CMA Holder (Certified Management Accountant) by IMA (The Institute of Management Accountants) 

Pre- Master in Accounting by Cairo University .


Financial and Managerial Accounting Associate (FMAA) - Course LOS
 Section noSection TopicEXAM WEIGHTACC TIME/HSUnitsSourcePage noPagesunit time/HLecture NoLec Time/H
FMAA COURSEAGeneral Accounting and Financial Management25%201Accounting Terminology and DefinitionsHOCK28114
2Recording Business TransactionsHOCK1060.5
3Debits, Credits, and T-AccountsHOCK1650.5
4Example: Transactions for a New BusinessHOCK2170.5
5The Unadjusted Trial BalanceHOCK2820.5
6Comprehensive IncomeHOCK3040.5
7Subsidiary Ledger AccountsHOCK3430.5
8Revenue and Expense TransactionsHOCK3714124
9Other Transactions with ExampleHOCK51141
10Adjusting EntriesHOCK6541
11Example: Adjusting EntriesHOCK69131
12Performing the Year-End Close with ExampleHOCK8210134
13Review of Accounting Cycle, Reversing EntriesHOCK9221
14Types and Elements of Financial StatementsHOCK94121
15Statement of Cash FlowsHOCK106101
16Internal ControlsHOCK1167244
17Managing a Company’s Daily FinancesHOCK12351
18Cash ManagementHOCK12831
19Accounts Receivable and Payable ManagementHOCK1317254
20Inventory ManagementHOCK13852
BFinancial Statement Preparation and Analysis25%1121Asset and Liability ValuationHOCK14313264
22Revenue Recognition and Income MeasurementHOCK15652
23Equity TransactionsHOCK1615173.5
24Basic Financial Statement AnalysisHOCK16651.5
25Liquidity RatiosHOCK17131
26Leverage RatiosHOCK17431.583.5
27Activity RatiosHOCK17741
28Profitability RatiosHOCK18131
CPlanning and Budgeting20%1029Budgeting ConceptsHOCK1849394
30Budgeting MethodologiesHOCK19361
31Annual Operating Plan and Supporting SchedulesHOCK198186103
DCost Management and Performance Metrics20%1232Cost Management and Performance MetricsHOCK216102124
33Variable and Fixed Overhead ExpensesHOCK22672
34Cost and Variance MeasuresHOCK233142134
35Performance MeasurementHOCK24732
36Cost Information for Decision MakingHOCK25094144
E Professional Ethics10%437Business EthicsHOCK259113154
38Ethical Considerations for Accountants in BusinessHOCK27051
Exam prepREVIEW & MCQ 8 SECTION A   2164
 SECTION C   1.5174
 SECTION E   0.5
  Total 65    274651765

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  • Target Audiances: متوسط, مبتدئ, متقدم



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