Claims, Engineering Disputes and Arbitration

Posted on 23rd June 2024


شهر و نصف


Engineering, Legal

Sub Categories

Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering

You will learn from the course:

1. How to read contracts correctly, and know your rights and obligations from beginning to end.

2. You will learn the correct method that will enable you to manage claims, and protect your business from difficulties.

3. How to build your argument properly and submit claims in a professional and convincing way.

4. Technical methods of negotiation, so you can reach solutions that satisfy everyone without losing.

5. Strong communication skills that help you understand and explain your point of view to other people.

Don't miss this opportunity!!  Join now for the Engineering Claims and Disputes course presented by Dr. Salah El-Din Abdel Aziz Ajban

📅 The course will start next week
⌚️ The number of credit hours is 30 hours with 15 lectures
⭕️ The number of course days is Saturday, Monday and Thursday of each week
💠 The student obtains a certified certificate that can be documented
💠 The student obtains all documents and videos to refer to at any time
💵 The course fee is 69,000 Sudanese pounds

Course Details

  • Target Audiances: متوسط, متقدم, خبير

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