Professional Certificate in Leadership & Communication


5 day, بإجمالي20 hour (ومعدل4 hour daily)



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What makes an effective leader? How can you not only employ better communication strategies, but motivate people to tackle tough problems and achieve goals together? Examine how to improve your leadership communication style, improve decision making, and develop as a leader in this two-course series.
The Art of Persuasive Writing and Public Speaking explores proven communication techniques and strategies to learn how to articulate your ideas to achieve your goals.
Learn from some of the most persuasive leaders from the last century about the ethical use of rhetoric, dialogue, listening, and self-criticism.
This 5-day program will help learners improve their leadership communication style, improve their decision making and develop as an effective leader. It will develop their writing and public speaking skills so they can articulate their ideas to achieve their goals


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course schedule

2024-12-09 To 2024-12-13

Spain - Barcelona - Barcelona

  • language : انجليزي
  • target gender: All
  • Target Audiances: مبتدئ, متوسط, متقدم, خبير

Price: 29,511.99 SAR (شامل الضريبة)

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