CMA Part 1-Instructor Mr.Mohamed Magdy


214 يوم, بإجمالي642 hour (ومعدل3 hour daily)



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BIO Mohammed Magdy , A highly motivated and results-oriented finance professional with over 19 years of extensive experience in accounting, auditing, and financial analysis. Holding the title of a Certified Management Accountant (CMA), I have consistently contributed to the success of companies in achieving their financial objectives. Throughout my career, I have developed extensive experience in a variety of roles, including: Financial Controller Head of Financial Audit Section Senior Financial Auditor Senior Financial Accountant Auditor I specialize in financial reporting and analysis, budgeting and forecasting, internal controls and risk management, tax preparation and compliance, and ERP systems. Proficient in both Arabic and English, I bring strong analytical and problem-solving skills to my work. Passionate about knowledge-sharing, I currently serve as a part-time CMA instructor. You can connect with me on LinkedIn to stay updated on my professional journey: Explore my YouTube channel for in-depth CMA MCQs-solving sessions with over 3,000 subscribers: Stay informed with the latest CMA insights and updates on my Facebook page with over 6,000 followers: Additionally, join our Telegram group with over 7,000 members for more discussions and insights


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course schedule

2024-04-16 To 2024-11-15

online course

  • language : انجليزي
  • target gender: All
  • Target Audiances: متوسط, مبتدئ, متقدم, خبير

Price: 2,300.00 SAR (شامل الضريبة)

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