CMA Part 1 - Instructor Mr.Ahmed Awad


185 يوم, بإجمالي555 hour (ومعدل3 hour daily)



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Ahmed Awad, PHD, CMA, IFRs,
I have over 20 years of experience as a Financial Analysis Manager.
I have worked in various companies and institutions, providing accurate financial analysis and strategic insights to support decision-making processes. 
Additionally, I have more than 12 years of teaching experience across multiple fields,

I specialize in financial data analysis, financial reporting, cost management, budget planning, and investment decision-making. I have a deep understanding of international accounting standards and best practices in financial analysis.

I approach my work with precision and attention to detail, utilizing strong analytical skills and strategic thinking to guide companies and institutions towards financial success. I enjoy sharing my expertise and training others in different areas, and I have conducted numerous courses and workshops.


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course schedule

2024-05-10 To 2024-11-10

United Kingdom - Aberdeen -

  • language : عربي
  • target gender: All
  • Target Audiances: متوسط, مبتدئ, متقدم, خبير

Price: 2,300.00 SAR (شامل الضريبة)

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