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Almost every organization, whatever its size, is drowning in data. Businesses need to analyze accounting data, marketing data, service data, budget data, human resources data, manufacturing data, and organizational data, among others.
Organizations need to:
→ Analyze historical performance data vs budgets;
→ Measure, track and predict sales
→ Finding issues before they escalate
→ Develop their customer relationship
→ Optimize processes and operational performance
Finance, marketing, HR and production teams in most organizations spend hours and hours of time crunching data in Excel. There is never enough time to fully analyze the data.
By using PowerPivot and Power BI you can analyze data in ways that go way beyond “regular Excel”. You can get more done in less time. PowerPivot is arguably said to be the best new feature to hit Excel in 20 years. This went extra miles with the introduction of Power BI in Sept 2015. PowerPivot is a free ad-in only available in Excel 2010 any edition) or Excel 2013/16 (professional edition). It enables users to manipulate huge data sets coming from different sources in the most efficient way. Power BI is a dashboarding tool that generates the most dynamic and amazing reports at an end user level. It has taken the word by storm.
The need to have IT support to import, sort and manipulate data can be part of your distant memories after the full understanding of PowerPivot and the various applications. It blends together all the power of Business Intelligence (BI) along with the user-friendly environment of Excel. You will master tons of BI tools within 5 days. The value add you will bring back to your organizations after attending this program is immense. Microsoft’s plan is to “bring Business Intelligence to the masses” and PowerPivot, then Power BI, is their first step in the plan.
Millions and millions of rows can be imported directly and quickly from your databases straight into PowerPivot, bypassing Excel, giving users in various organizations tools that could not be done before in standard Excel. In PowerPivot you can read data from different ranges to amalgam together in one pivot table. For example imagine you have separate data bases related to different departments, regions, products, salesmen, and customers to name a few. Then your manager would like to know the sales made in this particular region for this product by this salesman to this customer year to date vs the performance of the same period in the previous year. Then your manager would like to have a dashboard where he can get all of these questions answered with few clicks. A normal pivot table will never answer this question and many more. Let alone the inability of pivot tables to handle significant data size. A normal pivot table can start choking with even 50k rows of data. One PowerPivot can easily handle data comprising of 200, 300 or 400 million rows. It is massive!! PowerPivot is a real revolution inside the world of data analysis because it gives you all the power you need for to perform complex analysis of data without requiring the intervention of BI technicians.
PowerPivot and Power BI came with their powerful DAX formulas (Data Analysis Expressions). You will be surprised of what these expressions can do to your data compared to those that are standard in Excel. You will learn the basics of DAX expressions then we are going to move up the ladder swiftly until you are able to create KPI dashboards (Key Performance Indicators) that can be shared with your colleagues. When you go through the outline, you will realize how considerable the details and practical examples we will cover. You can produce Business Intelligence reports yourself. Power BI is one of the newest products of Microsoft that is freely available to all users. It is entirely built on the full understanding of PowerPivot and DAX. Only then one can see the full potential of this amazing tool that allows users to build the most fascinating dashboards that can be shared in iPads, cell phones and through social media creating clusters of who can view the data and view what. It gives users the ability to “discuss” results within every group. It is the best tool available to end users to build the most comprehensive and the most dynamic dashboards ever. Very very impressive!
BI Skills are not required for this course. You just need to have a workable knowledge in Excel to master all contents of this very intensive course. You need to bring your Laptop with Excel 2010 (any edition) or Excel 2013/16 (professional plus). Excel 2016 professional plus is preferred for many reasons. Excel 2007 is not allowed at all. Every delegate will receive a book related to PowerPivot.



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2024-12-15 To 2024-12-19

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