Strategic Procurement Master - Advanced Diploma in Strategic Sourcing and Category Management

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This 5-day master class provides delegates with practical Procurement skills that provides a competitive edge across their relevant sectors.
Focusing on Cost out and Value add will Control your operating costs, minimize supply chain risks and maximize your business profits.
Mastery of Procurement and Supply management provides a competitive advantage to all companies. This five-day master class includes how to build and manage an optimal procurement function in direct and indirect spends that delivers both business and procurement targets.
This master class provides in depth knowledge for strategic Procurement specialists operating in Supply Chain and Procurement. Through a systematic approach and a controlled process, you will successfully move from tactical to a strategic procurement master.

Learn how world class Procurement leaders deliver success in organizations and how you can deliver transformational results. This Master class helps delegates become Procurement Masters:
→ Learn best practice approaches to buying goods and services.
→ Manage the risks and issues within your supply chain.
→ Reduce business costs and maximize your business profits.



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